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by WizardOfWords on July 28, 2011


I’m the kind of person who always tries to “look on the bright side of life.” I’ve linked that phrase to the Monty Python video of the same name. The imagery is quite absurd, but the message is so powerful you may wish to watch it.

The message I’m choosing to share with you this week is the difficulty people like me face in life. We thrive on the positive attributes of a situation, of a place, of a person. We really DO look on the bright side of life. It brings us positive energy, and in turn … we try to light up the lives of others.

Does this sound like you?

What makes things really hard for us is the opposition we receive from the other camp. The people who, conversely, always look on the negative side of things. Do you know one of those? Might you be one of them?

You know who I’m describing. The person who always looks for the dark side of any story or situation. The person who (perhaps unwillingly or unknowingly) deflates your balloon, just when you’re flying high with the energy of a new idea, accomplishment or acquaintance.

How do you deal with them without losing your cool or without letting the positive energy drain from your very being?

It’s easy to answer that when you don’t live or work with that person. You can avoid them, change the subject, walk away.

But what do you do when positive meets negative under the same roof, within the same work cubicle, in the same family unit?

Let’s chat about this. I’m sure we can all learn one another. It’s never an easy situation to be in, but I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves there (on either side of the coin) at one time or another.

I’m looking forward to our discussion. And for those of you not interested in this topic, please join us here again the week of August 8th, when we’ll tackle a new subject.

And to end on a positive note, if you love animals and are looking for a smile, you will be sure to love this imagery: http://www.slothster.com/2352-Cat-On-Boat-Plays-With-Dolphins.html.

Cheers, and keep smiling.


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